About Us

Who are we? It doesn’t really matter but we’re just average people. Average people most probably just like you. We don’t try to be anything else but one thing we do strive to do is to continuously work towards becoming better versions of ourselves through living an active lifestyle full of healthy habits and exercise.

The rebound club is a collaboration of like-minded people who envisage to share their experiences battling with poor mental and physical health and the significant benefits exercise can have with creating a better life for your future self.

We make our own apparel, run our very own sporting events, and try to give back to the community in any and every way possible. 

We know first hand how easily it is to lose track of your personal well-being dealing with the day-to-day chaos that is life, but we also know how to rebound from it. We all deserve to live a life full of greatness, and we are dedicated to helping the greater community find their purpose through living a healthier lifestyle.


Rebound Club.