Registration and Memberships

We're so glad you made it here.

We have multiple membership options to suit your specific needs when it comes to training and being involved with the Rebound Club Community.

We encourage you to come and try out one of ur sessions to see what we're all about!


 Rebound Athletics Group Membership $29/week:

If you want to get involved with everything we do at Rebound Athletics, there is a weekly membership price of $29. What we offer within the membership is below. To become a member, you will be required to have at a minimum, the 'basic' level membership with Triathlon Australia so that you are insured. Steps to register with Triathlon Australia are below.

We don’t only focus on triathlon, but all other endurance sports. Whether it is a marathon, 5km race, open water swimming, cycling, or anything in between, we will have specific training programs for you!

Membership includes:

  • Communication and support from coach
  • Private facebook group
  • Access to all generic training programs (swim/bike/run) 
  • Access to our weekly training sessions
  • Access to training camps
  • Access to workshops
  • Open water swim clinics
  • Discount Bike Lactate test ($150)
  • Discount Swim analysis ($150)
  • Early access to events
  • Discount on Rebound Club store
  • Sponsor discounts

 Sign up here for the $29 Triathlon Membership


 Private Coaching:

Rebound Athletics offers personal 1on1 coaching which includes the below. Minimum commitment of 12 weeks.

  • Personalised training program via Training Peaks
  • Personalised race strategy
  • Discount Lactate testing and feedback with FREE NUTELLA WAFFLES
  • Discount Swim Analysis and feedback
  • Join any of the organised Rebound training sessions
  • Early access to [SUPER] SECRET RACES
  • Discount on Rebound Club store
  • Sponsor discounts

Enquire via email for any enquiries


Purchase weekly memberships here:

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Enquire for Private Coaching


Membership Termination

You may terminate your membership within the first two weeks of joining with immediate effect. Past the first two weeks we ask for 8 weeks notice before cancellation will be effective. If serious injury is to occur, please let us know for special consideration!

In special circumstances members may be allowed to pause their membership. For any concerns please contact-