Kent's Everesting Challenge (East Coast Everesting Challenge)

I’m excited to finally release this three-part video series based on a week-long cycling challenge I completed in May 2022.

The series will be released over the next three days, with a link to each full version available nightly here.

In May, I tackled the challenge of completing an Everesting Challenge in every state and territory along the East Coast of Australia, all within 7 days. During that week, I rode 1,110km, climbed 46,000 meters of elevation, and spent a total of 67 hours in the saddle riding.


Because cycling rescued me when I was at my lowest point after losing my father. It was during this time that I also had my biggest rebound channelling my grief into exercise and big personal goals. Through this challenge, I aimed to demonstrate that no matter how low you may go there’s always a chance to REBOUND. That no matter how high the mountain may seem, there’s always a way to summit.

Thank you to Trek for your endless support with this project.   

My Everesting Challenge - PART 1

My Everesting Challenge - PART 2

 My Everesting Challenge - PART 3