Strava Art Competition- FEEL GOOD

Who would've thought that you could bring out your inner Van Goh just by lacing up your runners.

Introducing ….. The Feel Good Strava Art Competition!

Switch up your current running route, get out, explore and create a feel good inspired strava art piece!

So how does it work?

✲ Join the Rebound Club strava group where you will upload your masterpiece 🎨 

✲ Plan your route, run it, upload it to strava and tag us in your activity! To seal the deal we ask that you upload it into the Rebound Club strava page too.

✲ The Distance MUST be covered in one fitness activity (strictly running only). No biking.

✲ This is a virtual competition and therefore you can run wherever you desire

✲ You have till the end of July to get creative with the cut off being July 31st

✲ And finally you must be following our instagram page @reboundclub

The Strava art masterpiece that is the most creative and FEEL GOOD will be chosen as the winner.